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Estate Planning

At Duggan McHugh Law Corporation, we prepare a comprehensive estate plan for our clients. Every situation is unique and we customize each estate plan to your situation. Most estate plans will include a trust, will, power of attorney, advance health care directive, and the necessary grant deeds to change title to real property.

Why Do I Need Estate Planning In California?

Do you know what will happen to your assets on your death? Who do you want to make important medical and financial decisions for you as you age? Who would care for your minor children if you were in a catastrophic accident? Proper estate planning will ensure that your assets pass to your intended beneficiaries and that you can nominate the person who will carry out your wishes. In order to avoid California probate court, you need to have a trust. Additionally, your real property should be titled in the name of the trust. All estates – both large and small – will benefit from estate planning. Our attorneys will walk you through this process and facilitate your estate planning needs.

Putting Important Plans In Place

Many people put off estate planning, but this can be a mistake. By establishing even a simple estate plan today, you can rest assured that your wishes and your loved ones’ interests will be protected in the face of an uncertain future.

At Duggan McHugh, we handle estate planning issues for individuals and families in Sacramento and throughout surrounding areas. Our clients include young parents just starting to build a family estate and retirees looking to maximize a lifetime of work and savings.

We can help you establish all of the legal instruments you need to build a sound estate plan, including:

  • Last will and testament
  • Trusts
  • Powers of attorney
  • Advance health care directives (living will)

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to estate planning. Our lawyers will work with you personally so that we can craft a legal plan that suits your unique needs and goals.

I Already Have An Estate Plan; Now What?

Tax laws often change and/or your assets may have changed since you initially created your estate plan. We often meet with clients to review their existing estate plans to ensure their needs are still being met. We can also assist with changes or amendments to an existing estate plan. Contact our Sacramento law office by sending us an email or by calling 916-550-5309.

Trust and Probate Litigation

When disputes arise over the administration of a will or trust, it is important to have an experienced legal ally in your corner. We are skilled negotiators who understand the sensitive nature of estate disputes that often pit one family member against the other. We seek amicable and efficient outcomes whenever possible, but are always prepared for strong litigation when it is in a client’s bests interests.

Resolving Family Disputes

Following the death of a loved one, family dynamics change. Each member of a family copes differently. Conflicts over the provisions of a will or an allegation of undue influence can quickly become heated and have the potential to tear apart a family. An attorney and counselor at law can help you navigate the painful legal process.

The experienced attorneys at Duggan McHugh Law Corporation have achieved positive results for clients in Sacramento and other Northern California communities. The firm’s attorneys patiently work with clients and strive to find a resolution through negotiation or mediation, recognizing that alternatives to trial are often in the client’s best interest.

Creative Legal Solutions

Whether fighting over the last figurine in a relative’s collection, business succession issues or the sale of a large parcel of property that has been in a Sacramento family for years, our attorneys can assist in finding a resolution. We also help clients address accounting errors and locate missing family assets or estate property.

The firm represents many clients, from heirs and beneficiaries to trustees and administrators. We handle probate litigation, including claims of undue influence, will and trust contests, breach of fiduciary obligation claims, removal of an executor and actions to recover assets.

We understand the issues at stake and will bring in other professionals when clients need multidisciplinary services. We have worked with tax, financial and medical professionals when necessary to protect a client’s interest.

Counsel Through Difficult Circumstances

Our lawyers seek practical solutions to resolve emotionally charged legal conflicts that may arise after the death of a loved one. To discuss your case with one of our experienced attorneys, call 916-550-5309 or send us an email.