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Employment Law Advice And Counsel

Litigation and lawsuits are huge distractions and can financially drain a company. So how can businesses prevent employment-related litigation? Where can a business owner turn for advice? Building a long-term relationship with an experienced law firm that offers counsel on employment issues may solve both problems.

Our law firm provides Sacramento and Northern California employers with legal advice when they need it to avoid future employment litigation. With the myriad state and federal regulations that exist, we work with clients to ensure compliance with worker classification. We also routinely review and draft employee handbooks, as well as vacation, disability, maternity leave and other workplace policies. Our lawyers can assist in drafting valid nondisclosure agreements and effective anti-discrimination policies.

Our firm focuses on providing exceptional service. Clients can count on working with the same team and receiving a prompt response when they call. Often, we can address an issue in a relatively short phone conversation.

Preventative Measures Can Protect The Bottom Line

Finding a legal solution does not need to be extremely costly. Get answers to employment law questions proactively by calling the Duggan McHugh Law Corporation at 916-550-5309. Scheduling a short consultation online is also an available option.