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Workplace Investigations

How can businesses address sensitive employment issues – for example, a complaint of discrimination or workplace harassment, or an allegation of drug and alcohol abuse? An evaluation by a neutral attorney investigator can provide impartial fact-finding and credibility determinations to inform a difficult employment decision. In some cases, a prompt, neutral, fair investigation is required by law or by company policies – Duggan McHugh has attorneys who are skilled in such investigations and help businesses meet those obligations.

The attorney investigators at Duggan McHugh are experienced and know how to conduct discreet and thorough investigations of employee complaints or incidents in order to meet the client’s internal needs or legal obligations. The firm is available to handle workplace investigations for employers throughout California.

Our Investigative Process

We use proven investigative strategies to gather evidence and make factual findings. We interview both the individual who made the complaint and the person against whom they are making allegations. We may also identify and interview witnesses about the alleged incident or incidents. Lastly, the attorney investigator will analyze any relevant documentary evidence such as offensive emails or performance reviews.

Reporting Results

At the conclusion of the investigation, our attorneys make report findings in a format that best meets the client’s needs, which may include a written report. Clients can expect carefully-weighed witness credibility, factual findings, and a meaningful analysis of the facts that support our conclusions. With an extensive background litigating employment law matters, our attorneys bring a nuanced perspective and approach to conducting workplace investigations.

We are able to complete impartial investigations because we are outside the organization and have no stake or interest in the outcome. A well-done investigation and report offers a tool to make a difficult, but informed decision, and in some cases can be the key to defending a wrongful termination or sexual harassment lawsuit.

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