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An Alternative To Litigation

Mediation is an efficient and cost-effective way to resolve business conflicts. In the course of running a small or medium-sized business in Sacramento, legal issues can arise with employees, customers, vendors and other business partners. Companies that do not have their own human resources and legal departments can often utilize mediation to find timely solutions.

At the Duggan McHugh Law Corporation, we offer mediation services to businesses in Sacramento and throughout Northern California. In her role as a private mediator, attorney Jennifer Duggan will meet with both parties in an effort to find a workable agreement.

The Mediation Process And The Results

Mediation is an alternative to expensive drawn-out business litigation over an ownership dispute or employment law issue. The mediation process allows a mediator to go between the parties to facilitate an agreement.

The outcome of a successful mediation is a signed agreement. Even if only partially successful, mediation can limit the number of issues that proceed to litigation. The parties decide whether the agreement is enforceable in court in the case that one party fails to honor the agreement.

Costs are generally lower than retaining a lawyer, although lawyers can be involved and may appear with represented parties at the mediation. Mediation costs are also generally evenly split between the parties.

Mediation Services In Northern California

Leveraging her litigation experience and knowledge of business and employment law, attorney Jennifer Duggan is a skilled mediator. To learn more about our private mediation services, call us at 916-550-5309 or send us an email.