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Prevailing Wage Defense, Compliance And Audits

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Prevailing wage issues usually arise in the trades of construction. In public works contracts, an employer contracts with the government to create infrastructure, municipal buildings, public spaces and other projects. The employer then has to follow very specific rules about what they pay the workers per diem. The rate has to fall in line with the prevailing wage of similar work in a similar location. For example, if a cement company was doing work in a public park – those workers would have to be paid according to very specific rules and guidelines.

There are very few exceptions to paying workers the prevailing wage. Compliance with prevailing wage requirements is absolutely critical for any contractor who wants to remain eligible to work on public works projects. Additionally, contractors and subcontractors who do not pay prevailing wage rates to workers on public work projects may be subject to costly legal actions not only by employees, but also by public entities for noncompliance with prevailing wage laws.

Our attorneys have the expertise to successfully and efficiently handle complex prevailing wage matters, whether in the context of individual or class action litigation, compliance advice, or audits by the federal Department of Labor or the California Department of Labor Standards Enforcement.

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