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Defending Employers Against Wage And Hour Allegations

Workers’ basic rights to overtime, meal and rest breaks and prompt pay are protected by both federal and California labor laws. A mistake in classifying a worker as an independent contractor rather than an employee or as exempt could open a business to substantial liability. Wage and hour claims that affect multiple employees can also be filed as class-action lawsuits.

Duggan McHugh Law Corporation offers high-caliber employment law services to Sacramento business clients. The firm combines the results of a large firm with the personal touch and individualized service of a small law office. The firm’s attorneys are experienced litigators who have won cases for clients across Northern California. They understand what is at stake and aggressively defend the rights of their clients.

Aggressive Defense Strategies

With collective decades of experience handling employment law disputes, our attorneys are able to craft tailored and practical defense strategies to efficiently resolve cases. We have the ability to focus on each client’s needs and goals to reach the best outcome.

After listening to your situation and reviewing all applicable materials, we discuss possible defenses. One example might be a binding arbitration agreement in an employment contract that might offer protection from class-action lawsuits. Another could be a review of job duties, which indicates an employee was correctly classified as exempt.

Because employment law questions often come up before litigation, we also partner with clients as a resource and provide advice on employment law issues from worker classification to prevailing wage. Working together proactively and talking through a situation in a 30-minute phone call may even avoid litigation.

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