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Unfair Competition And Trade Secrets

Our economy depends on competition to lower prices and drive innovation — however, stealing a client list to start a rival firm provides an unfair advantage. As we become increasingly technology-based and data-driven, employers face issues of employees improperly using or disclosing their valuable trade secrets and other proprietary information.

Unfair business practices and trade secret litigation hinges on the validity of employment agreements and the individual facts of a case. These types of cases are complicated and can quickly become costly. At Duggan McHugh, we work strategically and efficiently to keep costs down while protecting our clients’ interests.

Our attorneys have successfully litigated unfair business practice cases, including trade secret litigation, through trial and appeals. We also seek emergency injunctive relief for our clients who need to quickly halt unfair competition.

We are well-versed in drafting practical employment policies and restrictive covenant agreements designed to protect your intellectual property and proprietary information. We counsel on measures to mitigate risks of unfair competition, whether by departing employees who may attempt to use your trade secrets in a new company, or by new hires who may bring trade secrets into your workplace.

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