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Are your workplace postings up-to-date?

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2017 | Employment Litigation |

From minimum wage notices to no smoking signs, California employers must display a wide variety of information in a place where all employees can see it. The California Department of Industrial Relations regulates the type of information employers are required to post – including laws and regulations covering workplace health and safety, whistleblower protection, sick leave and much more – as well as the manner in which postings are displayed.

Most workplaces are required to display physical posters of a certain size, though exemptions may be made for workplaces with limited employee common areas, such as on construction sites where there is only a single trailer for employees. In California, most postings must also be displayed in Spanish.

The information contained in workplace postings, of course, is subject to change. Here are the answers to three questions employers often ask about keeping their postings current.

1. How often do I need to replace my notices and posters?

You only need to replace posters when the relevant laws and regulations change. There is typically no notification process; employers are responsible for keeping their own posters up-to-date. The California Department of Industrial Relations posts updates on its website as they occur. Pay attention to whether the update is mandatory (which requires you to change your postings) or non-mandatory. If you are not sure whether your postings are current, you may want to compare them to the most current versions available online.

2. What are the consequences for not having my postings up to date?

The consequences for not having current postings range from citations to fines of up to thousands of dollars, depending on the type of posting. In some cases, not having up-to-date postings could also mean a loss of government contracts or a loss of eligibility for government contracts.

3. What are some other benefits of keeping my postings current?

Aside from protecting yourself from citation and fines, having up-to-date postings can also help prevent unnecessary litigation from employees. These posters provide an easy way for employees to review the laws and regulations that affect their employment and can help prevent confusion over changing areas of the law.